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Elevate playtime with Prime Design Turf, your trusted partner for safe, durable, and fun artificial turf installations in playscapes and playgrounds across Dallas / Fort Worth. Create an inviting, vibrant space where children can play, explore, and imagine in complete safety and comfort.

Daycare Turf Installation
Playground Turf Installation Daycare Fort Worth

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Turf Installation Options for Playscapes

Why Choose Prime Design Turf for Your Playground?

Child-Safe Materials

Our turf is non-toxic and lead-free, making it perfectly safe for children of all ages to play on.

Impact Absorption

Engineered with safety in mind, our turf includes padding that absorbs shocks and minimizes the risk of injuries from falls.

Low Maintenance & Durable

Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and all types of play, our turf remains vibrant and intact with minimal upkeep, freeing you from constant maintenance.

All-Weather Play

Our drainage system ensures the playground stays dry after rain, allowing for playtime anytime without the mess.

Playground Turf Installations for Daycares

Crafting Joyful, Safe Spaces for Play

At Prime Design Turf, we’re passionate about creating environments that nurture joy and creativity while prioritizing safety and durability. Our playground turf is designed to cushion falls and provide a soft landing, ensuring a worry-free zone for kids and peace of mind for parents and caregivers. Say goodbye to scraped knees and muddy clothes, and hello to endless outdoor fun on a green, lush lawn that looks great in any weather.

Turf Installations with Safety In Mind

Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, we know just what your playground needs to thrive in the local climate, providing you with the best turf solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Enjoy savings of up to 70% on your water bill.
  • Eco-friendly design: Plant-based materials and fully recyclable.
  • Experience unmatched realism that rivals natural grass.
  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

  • No PFAS for your safety and peace of mind.

  • Quality assured with USDA certification.
  • Affordable ownership through low monthly payment options.
Synthetic Grass Installations For Daycares

Let's Build Your Dream Playground

Join the ranks of satisfied schools, families, and communities in Dallas / Fort Worth who’ve transformed their play areas with Prime Design Turf. Let’s work together to create a vibrant, safe, and low-maintenance playscape that children will adore.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and take the first step towards a more playful, carefree outdoor adventure for the kids in your life.

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